Tropical { G l a m }

After enjoying a long weekend I am ready for a tropical vacation!


{ 1. Rebecca Minkoff Runway2014 // 2.  Jennifer Loiselle Pineapple earrings $75 // 3. Nars Body Glow $59 //  4.  L’Oréal TXT it Waves Spray  $4.99 //  5. Prada Retro Poeme Sunglasses (sold out) //  6.  Sergio Rossi Wedges SALE $650 }

Enjoy Today!xo

Freelance match made in { H E A V E N }

I have found my kindred spirit through all creative things that are inspiring and beautiful. Being the avid blogger that I am I came across this amazing freelancer, Cocorrina, through many nights of research and searching for inspiration.  From her … Continue reading