{ S a n F r a n c i s c o }

It’s been a crazy week in my world lately.  I spent the last 5 days in San Francisco to open my horizons in the fashion world and gain new insight into my career.  Having very dear friends that live in the … Continue reading

Sunset { s u n d a y }

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Wishing everyone a very bright and happy Sunday!!! Here is my sunset edition round 2! I call this series: BIRDS  { darn seagulls } { all photos by forrest.loves.jenny }

Fairytale Venues { SoCal }

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Here are some of my favorite locations I discovered during my wedding venue search in Southern California.   Casa Romantica is one of the most beautiful spanish venues you will find in southern California.  This was one of my favorite … Continue reading

Sunset { s u n d a y }

Becoming a California girl was what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Growing up in the midwest I had a picture perfect childhood, but I never seemed to have the midwest mentality.  Tailgating at football games and drinking beer and eating … Continue reading