Our Story

It all began on on March 22nd 2009….

I was invited as a friends date to Adam’s 2o-something birthday party in Corona Del Mar.  I wore my cute bejeweled Sky top (which I have now burned and trashed) and some killer platform heels (don’t judge, it was 2009).  When I was introduced to the birthday boy there was an instant attraction.  He was charming, stylish, and a true gentleman.  I was the only girl in the room (even with his 20+ friends at the party).  He was already gaining kudos.   We continued to talk throughout the entire night and I learned his love for ballroom dancing, snowboarding, dirt biking, and wake boarding.  This guy was a jack of all trades and a true adventurer.  I was intrigued.

Unfortunately, we both were in dying relationships at the time and it took us 2 whole years to reconnect.   January 6th, 2011 I took a leap of faith and went on the best dating website I knew out there.  Facebook!  I sent a message to Adam coyly asking if he was around to meet up for cocktails.  He immediately wrote back and we went out the next evening.

The rest is history.  On June 22, 2013  we were engaged in beautiful Santa Barbara (No Sky tops this time).  He slipped on my new Valentino rock stud heels and got down on his knee.    I had found my prince charming.


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