Wedding Woes

It’s Monday again!  I need a sunny and optimistic post to get me going for the week.   Wedding planning has been in full force mode.  I have been spending over 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday just organizing and … Continue reading

Beautiful Calligraphy { Save The Date Meltdown }

I am having the most terrible time getting my Save The Dates started.  It’s a much bigger project than I anticipated.  First off I have no time to sit down and even research wedding stationary/calligrapher’s at this moment in time. … Continue reading

A Dressed Rehearsal { Fashion Friday }

The night that you get to show off your true fashion sense and flair for the dramatic is the evening of your rehearsal dinner.  My take is a bit of more tropical elegance with some art deco touches.  I adore … Continue reading

Engagement Party { Round 2 }

Adam and I were grateful enough to engage in 2 amazing engagement parties that our families supported and hosted to help us celebrate.  After our stunning winery engagement party in Southern California we headed to Kansas City, KS to share … Continue reading

Capturing Your Moment

Photography has always been the most important element to me for my wedding day.  I think I have been imagining my wedding photos more than I imagine my actual wedding day.  I am a sucker for a gorgeous image and … Continue reading

A modern wedding website { R i l e y & G r e y }

My latest project this week has been trying to decide on what wedding website template to use.  Forget the plugin templates of the past { You know the ones } the waterccolor flower background in 2 color options { pink or yellow } or the dreaded seashell theme as the only option for a destination wedding. Today, there are so many amazing and new options on the scene to help create and design a site just to your liking.  These new beautifully curated websites show off your own personal wedding style while keeping it incredibly user friendly.

My favorite and go-to site at the moment is 


This modern and uber luxe company believes that creating a wedding website shouldn’t be complicated.  They customize to create a personal style that is unique to Y O U not just your wedding aesthetic.  They have teamed up with some of the best web designers and developers out there to create templates like I have never seen.  Navigating a site should be fun and simple and filled with beautiful images.  { I have to admit I scroll through images and ignore text most of the time when I blog}.

riley-and-grey-1A wedding website will be the most important tool when planning your wedding.  We are all so plugged into our technology every minute of the day.  Your guests will continuously use your site as a go-to resource when planning out their schedule for your event.  These are great for destination weddings and allow you to put all your important information in one place.

They even have a R.S.V.P widget that allows your guests say Y E S right away.  This also helps save you on paper and post when sending out your formal invitations.  Have everyone go to your website and respectively accept or decline the new tech savvy way. 

CollageScreen-Shot-2013-08-22-at-3.04.06-PM-595x362Screen-Shot-2013-08-22-at-3.04.52-PM-595x393On top of having a super fun design site their blog is insanely creative and fabulous in every way.  If you are looking for fun inspiration for your home, wedding, party, or just life in general I highly recommend putting this blog on your daily to-do list.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 2.29.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 2.41.26 PM

Here are Riley & Grey’s publishing fees to get started:

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.45.45 AMThey have the great option of reserving your domain for only a $35 fee that will be credited to your account when you go live.  In the meantime you can save and edit your work for FREE if your wedding is more than a year away.  It’s nice to start on these details early and when you are reading to publish your site is ready to go!

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 2.28.51 PM

 With a moto like this how can you not love them already!!! Go check out Riley & Grey and see all the amazing designs they have to offer. 

I understand most websites you find out there will give you a domain for free and have no fee’s when purchasing your site.  There are lots of great free options from WordPress, Wix, The Knot, Paperless Post and more.  I’ll post more on these options later.

Have fun creating your own website and seeing your wedding become live and interactive for all to see!

Enjoy Today! xo



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