90 Days until { PARADISE }

OMG!!! It’s almost here!!!! (Cabo Surf Hotel) Enjoy Today!xx Advertisements

Sunset Sunday { Cabo Style }

  Sunset Sunday Cabo style!!! I wanted to wish everyone a great holiday weekend.  The weather is overcast and a bit chilly in Newport for the weekend, so I am sitting here reminiscing about Mexico and getting myself amped on … Continue reading

Cabo Surf { Cabo Bound // Finale }

WE FOUND OUR VENUE!! WELCOME TO CABO SURF HOTEL I had this little gem of a hotel in the back of my mind from the very beginning of our venue search in Cabo San Lucas.  Being from Southern California you … Continue reading

The Grand Resorts of Cabo { Cabo Bound Ed. 5 }

I feel like I’ve left you all hanging with my site inspection trip to Cabo.   Over the weekend I caught the awful cold/flu bug that has been going around.  I have been out of commission for the past several days … Continue reading

Fashion Friday

Happy Fashion Friday!

Taking inspiration from my site inspection trip to Cabo this week I decided to showcase how to wine and dine in tropical style.  Play up your accessories and prints and experiment with color.  
This would be a perfect mexican-modern look for a romantic dinner on the sand to take a break from the crazy wedding planning during the day. Untitled-2
tropical heat wave

A { D I Y } Wedding Binder

Being organized is key and beneficial during the wedding planning process.  So much information will be at your hands and it’s best to have it located in one location.  Being organized makes me feel more calm and productive throughout my … Continue reading

Hacienda Cocina { Cabo Bound // Ed. 4 }

We continue to move onward and upward in our site inspection adventure while visiting Cabo San Lucas. I left off with our meeting at Lazy Gourmet rental company and we were headed to find our dream venue.  Our first stop … Continue reading

Rental Company { Cabo Bound // Ed. 3 }

I tend to be a person that goes into everything with a positive attitude and high expectations.  This can be a blessing and a curse all in one.  I am mostly known by close friends to have a strong optimistic … Continue reading

Cabo Bound { Site Inspection // Ed. 2 }

Before planning our trip to Mexico I was well prepared and organized to get down to business.  I just finished the last touches on my DIY wedding binder and couldn’t have been more excited.{ I’ll be posting my DIY binder … Continue reading

Cabo Bound { Ed. 1 }

We needed any excuse for a vacation and taking a trip to Cabo to do a little R&D seemed like reason enough for me! When I found out my fiancé’s family had ownership of a timeshare in the city we had no … Continue reading