PBNanner { s t r o n g b r i d e } Protein Smoothie

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Alright, here it is!!!

For all of you that are obsessed with my PBNanner protein smoothies I am giving out my secret recipe.

I am a smoothie fanatic and usually have at least 1 smoothie a day.  This sweet concoction has been my newest addiction for the past couple months.  It takes exactly like graham crackers and honey!!  I love to have this as a mid-afternoon treat { usually after my workout } or it’s a perfect after dinner dessert.  I have a huge sweet tooth and this helps keep it in control in a healthy way.  This is the perfect pre-wedding smoothie to kick start your healthy eating.

Here is everything that you will need photo 1-4

PBNanner Protein smoothie recipe
{ yes, I know it’s not Peanut Butter, but PB sounds better than AB}

-Medium to large banana  ~80 -100 cal~
*1 banana                                                    

-Stevia powder extract (Trader Joe’s)  ~0 cal~  
*2 tablespoons

-Ground cinnamon  ~19 cal~
*2 hefty shakes

-Honey (I use organic) ~ 50 -60 cal~
*1 tablespoon (or two squeezes)

-Almond Milk (I like to use Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla) ~19 cal~
*5 oz

-Protein powder (vanilla is my favorite) ~120 -150~
*1 scoop

-Almond Butter (Trader Joe’s, I like the crunchy texture) ~90 -100~
*1 hefty tablespoon

-Ice cubes ( I like mine to be very thick like a malt)
*10-15 cubes

Total calories : 394
{ feel free to take out the protein powder or substitute the almond milk for coconut milk or water.  Make it your own! }

smoothie 2Throw everything into a blender and start to mix.  I usually blend all ingredients first, then I add the ice and blend in two parts.  { my blender is nothing special, basic KitchenAid does the job } You should get a creamy liquid { see photo }.  I use crunchy almond butter so mine has some texture.

Add a fun cup and straw to make your smoothie that much more amazing!  I love the to-go cups from Target that come in different patterns.  Big plastic straws are a must for my smoothies.  Mine changes color when you drink.


don’t blame me when you start craving these on the daily!