Beautiful Bridesmaids

Who doesn’t love an inciting rack of beautiful ball gowns, haphazardly hung as though they’d been flung on their hangers after a stunning runway show, by models who needed to escape into the night filled of flashing lights and elegant people, where … Continue reading

Pretty Pretty Bridesmaid boxes

Boyfriends come and go, but girlfriends are forever. My girlfriends are forever special to me because they are my family!  They’ve been there through every little detail in my life whether big or small.  They are the first ones you call … Continue reading

Will you be my B r i d e s m a i d ?? { POPing the question }

Playing dress-up and tea party with your besties is what all of us girls loved to do in our childhood.  Now, the tradition has matured and grown up a bit on the wedding DIY scene. Homemade bridesmaid proposal parties are all the … Continue reading