Engagement Photo’s { 101 }

Taking your engagement photos can be awkward and little unnerving.  There is so much pressure to get a great image today while making it creative and original.  A lot of what goes into a great photo is really simple, a fun and natural pose. With all the selfie taking going I’m still clueless when it comes to taking a photo.  I wouldn’t know my perfect angle even if Tyra Banks showed me (although I’d love her to show me how to ‘smize’!).Here are some tips that we took to ensure we got the most out of our engagement photo session.

Step 1 Create a Mood Board

Come up with a theme and stick to it!  Having a mood board as a frame of reference keeps you focused on your concept and design.  Try on some outfits and include them in your idea to get a bigger picture of what you want.



Step 2 Scout a location

This was easy for us.  We live in such a beautiful city and having the beach as our backyard, it was a no brainer.  Laguna Beach has always been one of favorite cities since visiting back in high school and I knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow.  The ice cream parlor was a risky feat to take on, but I love gelato!!!  Sharing ice cream creates such a romantic and sweet atmosphere, don’t you think?


Step 3 Posing ideas

Come with a list of poses that you want to mimic.  I actually made ‘posing collages’ for my photographer.  As much I tried to get the fiancé to prepare and look at Pinterest, it just wasn’t going to happen.  Having images on hand at the shoot for him to reference was a lifesaver!!!  This helps to make sure we got the photos we wanted and everyone understands the same POV.


Step 4 RELAX

I have never been in front of the lens so intimately.  Especially with my significant other.  It was very intimidating and looking natural didn’t come easy.  Just remember to be yourself, have fun, and relax.  We are typically not a very PDA couple but in order to get a truly romantic photo on camera you need to be more touchy feely than normal.  Having a light conversation and laughter during the photo taking makes everything look more real.

Here are some bloopers from us!! We struggled, but with a great and supporting photographer you will be sure to get the images you want.

Good luck and have fun!

jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220727969-O jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220759802-O jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220669945-O


photo’s (here) taken by the amazing

Brittany Carr Seeling Photography 

Enjoy Today!!xoxo


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