Finally….Engagement Photos!!


Hello everyone! My engagement photos have been nesting for over 6 months in anticipation for my Save The Dates to launch. Finally!! The invites have been sent across the country and the wedding website on Riley and Grey is up and in action!

Brittany Carr Seely, my beautiful and incredibly talented friend (and new Mom to 17 day old Addison) gave us the biggest favor by taking our engagement photos. They turned out more amazing than I could have imagined. I was unemployed at the time and had way too much time on my hands. I think I emailed Brittany over 20x on my theme and loads of inspiration.

Brittany and her husband headed to down to Newport Beach for the day and 7 hours later we had our moments!

jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220674248-OCollagejenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220700726-Ojenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220703849-OThe ice cream inspiration shoot didn’t work in our favor for the most part.  Going to Laguna on a busy sunny Sunday afternoon means loads of tourist traffic.  Brittany did an amazing job of making it look as though we were in our own private alley enjoy some decadent gelato.  Adam was super tense and hated all the people starting at us and on top of all the commotion our gelato was melting and we were losing daylight.

jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220709008-O jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220717324-OCollage2jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220725524-Ojenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220731624-OThe beach was the perfect setting for us to relax and finally just be ourselves.  We happened to live only 1 block away from the beach at this time, so we loaded the up the truck with flowers, vases, blankets and more staging decor.  It was extremely windy this April afternoon and trying to carry loads of props out to the sand wasn’t an easy feat.  It turned out insanely magical and I couldn’t have asked for more.jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220737825-OCollage3jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220745312-OCollage6jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220753957-OCollage4jenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220752009-Ojenny-adam-042714-engagement-p-3220723514-O

We are blessed to have Brittany capture these beautiful images.  She is not only my best friend but the BEST photographer out there!  Please visit her site at

Brittany Carr

to see her entire portfolio featuring everything and anything from food, children, couples, and more!!!

Enjoy Today!!xoxo


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