Freelance match made in { H E A V E N }

I have found my kindred spirit through all creative things that are inspiring and beautiful.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.32.08 PM

Being the avid blogger that I am I came across this amazing freelancer, Cocorrina, through many nights of research and searching for inspiration.  From her first blog post I laid eyes on I immediately feel in love with her design, style, and spirit.  Not only is this girl exceptionally talented she is uber cool.


I have desperately been trying to find someone to create my “Wedding Suite”.  Keeping a cohesive direction with design, color, and style is key. Every detail from your Save The Dates, menus and escort cards, even your signature branding symbol is encompassed into the wedding suite.  I needed someone who understood my intense and sometimes crazy neurotic thought process.  I have run out of time with my new job to dedicate my efforts full-time like I had hoped.  I was starting to drown in all the details. Thankfully I found my perfect match in Corina to make my dreams a reality!


corrina 2

Corina lives the life of adventure and freedom with her adorable husband on Kefalonia Island { yes, that is part of the Greek Isles }.  Her blog is so inspiring!!  I swoon over her artistic layout and graphic elements she incorporates in every post.  Check out her beautiful photography capturing delicious food and stunning landscapes.  I wish my blog could only be so innovative.  { Look at her beautiful outfit posts with her hand written calligraphy floating in transparency , AMAZING! }



She specializes in business branding (logo / business cards / etc) lookbooks, packaging, whatever comes to your mind!  She hand writes all her calligraphy and even photographs all her images to use as beautiful backgrounds.

She has tons of tantalizing desktop screen savers you can download for free!!!


She even designs and makes her own jewelry.  I need to get my hands on many of these pieces!

cocorrina cover

I couldn’t be happier in partnering with Corina!! She has made the experience so exciting and seamless.  I can’t wait to open my email every morning to see what she has created next!!

Here’s a sneak peek into the mood board she created for my wedding suite!

Jenny&Adam Moodboard

Enjoy Today!xo


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