{ S a n F r a n c i s c o }

It’s been a crazy week in my world lately.  I spent the last 5 days in San Francisco to open my horizons in the fashion world and gain new insight into my career.  Having very dear friends that live in the city is a major perk during my working travels as well!

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities that I look forward to every time I visit.  The energy and life the city gives off becomes contagious.  I feel like a true city girl walking the streets, maneuvering my way through the rush hour bustle morning and night.  I always stop at my favorite local Patisserie in Union Square to grab a Protein avocado smoothie or when I’m craving something more sinful, the blueberry crumble cakes are a must.

Sitting in my hotel room I watch the sunset drop beneath the cityscape, a black and white movie is projected on a brick building wall for a Friday night show, the sidewalk below is crowded with socialites mingling before the Opera, and the faint rhythm of drums and street music drifts through my window.

I actually had one of my dreams come true this week!  { It’s really silly, but it made my YEAR! }  A local street photographer blogger came up to me while I was waiting to walk across O’Farrell and Powell.  “Madame, do you mind if I take your photo for a fashion blog?”.  I was screaming with excitement inside!!!  I wanted to tell him that he checked something off my shallow and ridiculous bucket list, but I kept cool and said, “I am a bit in a rush, but I can make time for a quick photo.”  I looked like a HOT mess from all the wind blowing my hair and my shiny metallic heels had been changed out for walking flats.  I loved that he noticed my style either way and wanted to share it with his audience.  


Market St.




busy SF

Pride flag

giant chair







IMG_0180San Francisco, you have my heart.  Until next time.

Enjoy Today!xo


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