Wedding Woes

It’s Monday again!  I need a sunny and optimistic post to get me going for the week.  

Wedding planning has been in full force mode.  I have been spending over 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday just organizing and playing catch up from the week.  I’m truly exhausted and starting to get a bit testy with it all. { Sorry Family!! }

I recently launched my wedding website to my family and wedding party this weekend.  It was exciting to get it out there and live, but it also came with a lot of anxiety.  I have officially opened up the flood gates and questions are coming one after another.  I’m trying to breath and take it day by day.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 11.35.03 AM

You always want things to go smooth and just flow, but this is never the case in the wedding world of planning.  You will constantly be tested through the process.  

I am here sharing my wedding woes with you all and hoping some of you can relate.  Brides make it look so easy and fun, but in reality we are all trying to juggle 20 different things behind closed doors.  I’m here as a future bride to say IT’S HARD!!!!!  


My list continues to grow and the hours in the day seem to shrink.  

Here is whats next on my list of things to do:

-Hire the Wedding Suite Designer (Save the Dates, Invites, Branding, etc.)

-Edit my wedding website from guests critics (this is a good thing!)

-Get my Save The Dates designed and printed before July is over!

-Organize and plan my wedding trip to Cabo in July.  I am visiting all vendors and hoping to finalize:






rehearsal dinner venue

Do you all feel my stress yet!!!  I will make it through and I have another 306 days to get it all done!  Thanks for letting me vent on this gorgeous Monday.  

Enjoy Today!xo


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