Branding your wedding

Branding has become a new trend in the wedding world lately and I am totally onboard!  I love the idea of creating a symbol or emblem that encompasses you as a couple and lets your inner creativity and personality shine.  This can be a very daunting process in the beginning and you may find it hard capture your relationship with one image.

 I have had quite the challenge with my branding process.  I tend to have a lot of inspiration and many ideas all at once.  I’m struggling to narrow it down.  I go from whimsy to modern,  then surf chic to flower pretty, and then I’m into simple elegance.  I CAN’T MAKE A DECISION!!!  This is where a graphic designer or custom wedding designer comes into play.  Hopefully they can understand all your inspirations and mesh them into 1 great image that is original to you and your day.  

Once you find your creative symbol you can incorporate the theme throughout your event from the very beginning with the Save the Dates to your guest welcome bags the day of the event.  There are so many options and ways you can utilize your brand.


I am partial to pastels and watercolors , so naturally this branding image stood out to me.  I love the whimsy calligraphy and ease of the symbol.

A and jHere are some more simple ideas.  I’m really liking the one on the left!!  


373d0214006b84fc2e52518d6ea9359estdThese are all very whimsy and “wedding” like.  Incorporating the date into your brand on certain images makes it stand out and helps your guest associate your image with your day.  Adding a banner or flag on your image for goody bags is a great way to commemorate the date for all your guests.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 4.43.36 PM

This symbol is adorable for Lovelyfest Events.  A great website to check out in your spare time!



7645f905c49371834a2161f1c702282aHere are some fun ways to see how others were inspired by their brand symbol and incorporated into a theme for their invitations.   Even the simplest thing as a font or graphic pattern can be a theme.  Having your initials stay simple and readable keeps it clean and fresh. c506fbf1f5484c8c20c3e2219e98d493

7242512d89ad52d13381caed93cf687fNow I am getting into the surf inspiration.  Since we are getting married at a Surf hotel that has ” S U R F” in the name I’d love to incorporate this theme and detail somehow.  I love the criss-cross surfboards.  It’s a new and modern take on the crossing arrows that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

661144b96d28e596355c730cca1e61c8Branding is very objective and can be very personal.  It’s a hard detail to finalize and it sets the tone for your entire event.  There is tons of inspiration out there, just keep your eyes open.  You could get your idea from something as small as a soda bottle at lunch or fall in love with a beautiful type you seen on a passing sign.  Inspiration is everywhere.

 All of my follower’s, friends and family, I need your H E L P !!  I’m still working on mine and  I’d love your feedback!!  Any ideas and opinions are welcome!!!  Thank you all!

Enjoy Today!xo


2 thoughts on “Branding your wedding

  1. I have a couple ideas you could consider: I love the shape of circles or hearts…maybe a setting sun and it’s reflection on the ocean; two circles overlapping or touching in some way; two palm trees crossing or swaying in an X shape or bowed together in a heart shape. Also, think about doing something with a string of pearls and a bowtie, or maybe shoes, his and hers. My mind is perculating with ideas like yours is.

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