Beautiful Bridesmaids

efaf4afd7fe5008d8e99a76c29185f79Who doesn’t love an inciting rack of beautiful ball gowns, haphazardly hung as though they’d been flung on their hangers after a stunning runway show, by models who needed to escape into the night filled of flashing lights and elegant people, where everyone was ready to be seen and waiting to be noticed.

I want my bridesmaids to feel as beautiful as they have ever felt walking down the aisle, supporting me on my biggest day.  The horror stories of bridesmaids from the past being forced into ill-fitting gowns in unflattering colors, silhouettes, and fabrics.  The bride was only to look her best while her “maids” were there only to remind her, she is the fairest of them all.

This is a horrible rule of wedding tradition and I won’t have it at my wedding.  My girls: best friends, family, soul-mates, will look nothing less than exquisite and elegant.

Here is some inspiration I have collected

4bd232b5842c09c32f20131e83bea7fd { image from Refinery 29 }




 81df90fbf7f227442e070b299b156895{ Rani Zakhem Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013/2014 }

ef905728bf5e239bd452ade7a5f119c7{ Elie Saab.  I love rose gold and lots of shimmer }

375d681ae85a99ff400bdb23f8d4f7c5{ My mother’s bridesmaids dresses were a soft peach with beautiful floppy hats as accessories.  Like mother like daughter!  Everything comes back around. }



04233577ce564bf015dee5af82833758 { I had to add Blake Lively in this Vera Wang perfection of a gown }

All images from Tumbler

Enjoy Today!xo


One thought on “Beautiful Bridesmaids

  1. Love your inspirations and thoughts of wanting the maids to look and feel special and elegant. The Rose gold color as your bridal color is beautiful.

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