Save the Date inspiration

Having a destination wedding puts stress on your timeline more than normal.  I have already started to think about my Save The Dates and needing to get them out ASAP!

Asking your guests to travel to an exotic location requires planning well in advance.  You need to allow time to schedule dates, finances, and vacation time.  Getting your information out to your guests sooner than later also allows you to build your guest list and feel out who really will be expensing your big day.

After taking our engagement/STD photos last weekend I am now in crunch time mode to get my design and thoughts together.

Here are some ideas I have found that stood out to me time and time again.


digibuddhaPaperie from Etsy }


{ image from }

I love the elegant sophistication to a Save the Date.  This really sets the mood for your event and what the guests can expect.  You may be like me although and not have your wedding design and decor decided just yet.  It’ hard to decide on a piece of paper that can tell so much for such a big occasion.  It’s quite a lot of pressure.  

I have been strongly influenced by ombre designs during my search.  My eye has been drawn to the softer peach pastel color palette.  The ombre takes on a watercolor effect that looks light and natural.  

Lettering is so key to the design as well.  I’m obsessed with gold embossed letters.  They add an elegant modernism while on the  other hand I find the hand pressed stamps keep it whimsy chic.   

a011caf02a774dd732186f778b91b851 beyond design from Etsy }


 { design: Serendipity Beyond Design }

It’s hard not to steer toward the cultural theme when having a Mexican wedding.  I adore vintage postcards and find them to be vintage and authentic for a Save the Date.  But then again, I feel this may be played out and I want something a bit more creative.  Having Mexico postcards added to the guests goodie bags could be a nice way to include this idea.


{ image from }

The papel picado paper trend is very popular and reminiscent to Mexican culture.  Laser cut calligraphy and stationary is having a major moment lately!  It’s stunning but costly.  I would love to incorporate this trend somehow, maybe in my formal invitation.  Papel picado banners and decor will definitely make a strong appearance throughout my wedding in some form. When in Rome…or Mexico for this matter. 


{ photographer: Edyta Szyszlo Photography / calligraphy: Ryanne Steele }

Clever, creative, fun, and quirky!!! I love everything about this invite.  I’m a sucker for abstract black and white with a pop of gold.  { the inside of this envelope reminds me of the confetti system }.  

Adding a game or fun activity to the invite allows the guests to get involved and not just throw all your hard work away.  This invite incorporated a crossword puzzle with all the wedding details secretly placed. So cute!

Design something your guests won’t be hesitant to hang on the fridge for several months to remind them of how much fun they will have on your wedding day.  


{ calligraphy by Lindsay Letters }

Calligraphy is also making a comeback and has received a well needed facelift!  Caligraphy doesn’t have to be stuffy and scripty any more.  If you have an artist touch you can personally do your own envelopes with different fonts and sizes.  You can’t really mess up with this new trend.  The more crooked and bubbly the better!


{ design: Atheneum Creative / letterpress printing: Sideshow Press / photo credits: Chelsea Davis Photography }


{ image from Martha Stewart Weddings }


{ design:  August Blume / calligraphy:  Feast Calligraphy }

Having a passport, luggage tag, even a travel book with destination tips and excursions are all fun add-on’s to make your STD one-of-a-kind.


{ from }


 CalaveraPress on Etsy }

All the little details matter { well, to me they do!  So act like you care when you get my invites people! }

I love custom postage stamps to add a personalized touch to your letter.  You can order anything you can imagine. and have a lot of ideas to choose from.

You can really have fun with your STD’s when planning a destination wedding.  I have so many ideas my mind is exploding!!  I need to find a way to incorporate everything I have seen and make it my own.

I have a lot to get started on so I better go and get creating!!!  Hope these ideas help inspire your destination wedding!

Enjoy Today! xo




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