Confetti System A d d i c t i o n ! !

I wanted to wish you all a happy Cinco De Mayo

 { I was too busy celebrating with margaritas and tacos all day  yesterday to post. }

 I want to share with you one of my biggest obsessions lately!!  

C O N F E T T I   S Y S T E M

I have a new love and adornment for paper decor!  I’m sure you have all seen the DIY tissue paper garlands the past several years all over Pinterest and even in fashion store windows.  These are my favorite go-to DIY decor for every occasion.  They are cheap and oh-so easy to make.  I’m now loving these sparkly and super chic pinatas they have created.

If you all haven’t heard of CONFETTI SYSTEM it takes this DIY paper trend to a whole other level!!!  This is going to blow your mind…are you ready???  You can see why I am slightly obsessed!!

large_space1520-webc2 b25bfc7731997aab2d31bb0a02d7b278large_ABT-branches-weblarge_UO-PARTYPARTY-shoot-1-weblarge_UO-PARTYPARTY-2-weblarge_HR_Star_Flowers_lr_WEBlarge_BCCforweb-ce7a0ae3184aecc8fb89819f8e2fd9212adbd3123e6fdae42a74ed1a091640506Collage7c6839cce7f77c20c89db05df38aa70d

These gorgeous and fashionable paper pinatas will be making a big debut in our wedding!! Can’t wait.

Enjoy Today! xo



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