The Grand Resorts of Cabo { Cabo Bound Ed. 5 }

I feel like I’ve left you all hanging with my site inspection trip to Cabo.  

Over the weekend I caught the awful cold/flu bug that has been going around.  I have been out of commission for the past several days but starting to feel myself again.  Adam and I started taking ballroom dance classes last Friday and I’m pretty sure I contacted the virus through one of my dancing partners.  Ugh!, next time I will be sanitizing!

Today I wanted to share with you some of the my favorite venue’s in Cabo.

These grand locations are a brides ultimate dream and provide the most inspiring backdrops.

During our site inspection day I had our wedding planner drive us around to view only one of these locations, Cabo Del Sol.  We actually didn’t even get out of the car once I heard the average price of what a wedding for 100 people would cost.  Let’s just say it’s well over $30K.


Cabo Del Sol is a beautiful location that every local had recommended to us.  Photographers raved about this elegant and sophisticated venue with its breathtaking views and endless photo moments it has to offer.   This luscious property is home to one of the top golf courses in Latin America.

This 1800 acre premiere golf resort off the Sea of Cortez hosts beautiful accommodations that start around $550 a night.  Another reason why we crossed it off our list.  cabo del sol p{ images by Alec & T and  Amy Bennett }


Capella Pedregal was one of my favorites from the start after seeing a wedding on Junebug Weddings blog.  I was instantly hooked on Cabo as my destination .

I called the resort first thing and they sent over a very detailed price list and catering guide.  I almost choked when I heard the discounted group room rate started at $550 per night.  I could never ask my guests to shell out this kind of cash for our event.  My dreams had been crushed.

During our site inspection I decided not to entice myself with seeing this location in person.  I knew I would fall in love immediately.  Now, looking back I wish we had made the time to check it out.  Even though this venue is a dream I could never make a reality, it is still a good idea to see places that inspire you.

I plan on visiting my next trip back to Cabo this July.  If not only for the main reason to see the one and only dramatic cave entrance.   The privately owned tunnel was carved through the heart of the mountain and is almost 1,000 ft long.  This could possibly be a great place to check out for a rehearsal dinner location!capella p

{ images by Chris + Lynn photography }


My final resort that I feel in love with was the Esperanza.  There are so many beautiful images of this resort on my wedding blogs and each wedding was more grand than the next.

Again, once I researched room rates and found them to be around $600-$700 per night, I knew it was out of the question.  This 6 star luxury resort is beyond amazing and will offer you everything and more!  But you need to be ready and willing to have a budget to provide for such an upscale event { as well as your guests feeling comfortable spending a certain amount for your day }.  We decided not to visit this venue in person during our site inspection.

This private resort rests on 17 acres overlooking the Sea of Cortez.  It offers world-class dinning and award-winning spa and fitness programs.  You will have plenty of activities to enjoy at this spectacular resort with free yoga, cooking classes, and tequila tastings.  esperanza p

{ images by Chris + Lynn and Amy Bennett }


I know this post may sound discouraging, and believe me I was very frustrated in the beginning of my venue search.  This is why it took me over 8 months to find my perfect space that accommodated my budget and wedding wish list.

Call ahead and get a good grasp on what your dream venues might potentially cost you.  I recommend going to visit them in person either way.  You can speak to a coordinator on site and they may have some budget friendly options they can offer you.

If it’s a venue you love and what you’ve always imagined, nothing is impossible.  Just be prepared and don’t get your expectations too high and embellished.

Adam and I decided to not waste our quick trip { since time was already slipping away } on visiting venues that we knew were completely out of the question.  Our top criteria was having our guests stay on site and enjoy the resort where our event was being hosted.  With these high scale resorts we would never have that opportunity.

We had one venue that was on top of our agenda and headed straight there after our lunch at Hacienda.  Once we arrived we didn’t want to leave, EVER!

Stay tuned for our final venue and where we decided to have our DREAM DAY!

Enjoy Today! xo


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