Hacienda Cocina { Cabo Bound // Ed. 4 }

We continue to move onward and upward in our site inspection adventure while visiting Cabo San Lucas.

I left off with our meeting at Lazy Gourmet rental company and we were headed to find our dream venue.  Our first stop on my list was

H a c i e n d a   C o c i n a   Y   C a n t i n a


I had seen this venue featured in so many of my favorite blog sites and the images were to die for!  With its authentic spanish architecture and sweeping views of the sandy beach, it was picture perfect. 

Check out some of my favorite weddings that inspired me to go visit this fabulous location. 

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52559a73df5fd$!900xSara Richardson Photography }

523bc31ba530d$!900x { Sara Richardson Photography }

We decided it was the perfect place to sit down and have some delicious tacos and margaritas.  I highly recommend the carnitas tacos and Ceviche!  It was beyond amazing.  



This Hacienda is the perfect spanish style architecture that Adam I wanted to incorporate into our venue.  This grand restaurant and bar is located on Medona Beach, the hub of Downtown Cabo { if you are familiar with Cabo, The Office is just steps away }.  The restaurant includes lots of open air indoor dining, outdoor seating on the terreza,  the palapa circle bar, and the ever popular “tables in the sand”.




We started falling in love with this location while we were enjoying the best tacos we’ve ever had.  After, we toured the grounds and got more of a clear view of the space.  Unfortunately, I quickly realized that we couldn’t make this location a reality.  

First, this is a very public space.  The restaurant is a part of a very upscale condo community where the residence pay a HOA fee to enjoy the these beautiful amenities.  Every spot that we looked at to host the ceremony would be watched over by onlookers either from the beach or swimming in the pool.  

We didn’t want “Bob and Joe” in their skimpy’s watching us in the background cheering with their Corona’s.

IMG_0184Overall, the atmosphere wasn’t intimate enough for what we wanted. But then came the price to seal the deal!  If I remember correctly, it was around $30K to rent the space.  The prices continued to go up for what exact location you are looking to reserve and how many people.  

a5a783012bd1778c04db401997717901 { image by Daniel Jireh }

We both loved this location so much and have put it down as a contender for a rehearsal dinner location!  We would love our guests to visit this inspiring venue and see it for themselves.  We will be checking out more details during my trip this upcoming July.

6f117f5d0615aeb3917203b30f176fdcWe love this private room to possibly hold our guests for an intimate rehearsal dinner experience!  


Going back to our delicious lunch…

 We decided to keep our site inspection schedule moving along while we sat and ate.  We re-scheduled our meet and greet with the live band from later that afternoon to join us for lunch.  The lead singer happened to be in the area and popped in to join us for a quick pow-wow.  This kept our conversation very relaxed and informal.  

Our meeting was with Joaquin de la Torre C. from the band Promociones Deja- VU{ that’s a mouthful! }

This band gained attention being the main attraction at Hard Rock Cafe in San Jose almost 2 decades earlier.  They have very high recommendations and seem to be a local staple in the community.  

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.00.12 PM

This was a great opportunity to talk to the lead singer in a casual environment and ask all our questions and concerns.  Joaquin was great with giving top recommendations for venues, restaurants, and other local vendors in the area.  He is very passionate about what he does and loves the city of Cabo.  

Joaquin was generous to invite us to watch his band perform live that evening and get a real feel of what they do.  We had no plans for the evening and headed to Baja Brewing Company to watch them perform. 


The rooftop brewery was recommended to us as a great spot for a rehearsal dinner.  It was a perfect way to check things off our list and have a little fun while working.  The brewery is very rustic and casual with great pizza and local beers.  

Rehearsal dinner??? I don’t think so.  Way to “dive bar” for our taste but could be a fun option for a night out with your guests after events.  They have live entertainment regularly.  

Joaquin and his band were fantastic!  We had fun and the energy was contagious.  Every one was out of their seats and dancing to some classic rock and top 40’s.  I’m so glad we had the opportunity to watch them perform live.  

I highly recommend seeing a band in their local element. You get a strong sense of who they are and if they are your select taste and style. 

Joaquin was so generous and came over to “hi” several times throughout his show.  He made us feel welcome and special with his thoughtfulness.  

We haven’t made any decision on bands as of yet, but hope to enjoy some more live music on our next trip. 

Make sure to check out Deja-Vu when you visit Cabo!

More to come on our site inspection! Day 1 was filled with lots of info and I’m exhausted already!  

Enjoy Today!xo


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