Rental Company { Cabo Bound // Ed. 3 }

I tend to be a person that goes into everything with a positive attitude and high expectations.  This can be a blessing and a curse all in one.  I am mostly known by close friends to have a strong optimistic personality and always staying upbeat { this can either be really annoying or refreshing to people.  🙂  It depends how long you’ve known me. }


My expectations especially tend to get heightened before a trip.  I start to imagine moments in my mind of how the day will unfold and how fabulous it’s all gonna turn out { and of course what new outfit I get to try out! }.  Here’s where my crazy and imaginative brain went when day dreaming about my trip to Cabo.

~ I imagine that I am going to wake up refreshed and bright-eyed.  I put on my running shoes and head to the gym.  After an invigorating work out I head back to get ready for the day.  I cut the fresh hang tags off my newest outfit I’ve been planning and my hair curled perfectly from the foreign water and humidity. 

Next, my finance and I are going to have a beautiful and relaxing breakfast over looking the ocean while pre-planning our daily agenda.  Later, to take a break from the busy day we decide to take a hike off a beaten path and discover something new and exciting.  At night we dine at an authentic local restaurant and have the best food we’ve ever imagined.  Lastly we meet some new friends on the town and dance throughout the night. ~  You get the gist….high expectations! 

Instead our day really went like this…. sleep in, try to squeeze in a run at the gym, fiancé still passed out when I get back, head to breakfast { sat there for over an hour due to slow service }, then endure a miserable site inspection day that was uninspiring, end the night at a over-rated restaurant , too tired to go out and just head to bed. ~

0db1865c17ee32554981429ce62ef78b { fabulous daydreaming in the airport }

This brings me to our first day of site inspections in Cabo San Lucas.

We started the day bright and early at 9am where met our coordinator in the lobby of the hotel.  She was amazed when she saw my wedding binder and loved that I was prepared { while she came prepped with a single notepad and pen! }.  We all packed in her car and headed out for the day.  

The first thing on our agenda was to head downtown to Lazy Gourmet, Catering and More { a rental and catering company. }

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.27.16 PM

Lazy Gourmet specializes in everything from full service catering, wedding planning and cakes, and equipment rentals.  All you need and more for your wedding day.  



When we arrived we were greeted with a firm { and I mean FIRM } handshake  and a warm and charming Irish hello!!  Tracy Dunlop, the owner and CEO, is a true character and has charisma for days.  I knew that this was going to be fun.  

Now, you all know my concerns I had with my “soon-to-be” wedding planner.  I was given the expectation that our rental visit would include a full mock-up display showcasing tables and my selected decor.  I had sent over pdf image files that I created to my planner and to Lazy Gourmet.  I was lead to believe that my ideas would be translated in a visual format for me to see when I arrived.  Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.03.27 PM

{ see my inspiration pdf files here: Tablescapes & Backdrop Details  }

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.  My expectations were set and they quickly diminished.

Once we arrived, we all sat down and the first question Tracy asked me was, “Where are you getting married?”.  

I  h a d   N O   i d e a!  

We had just decided the Welk’s resort was out that morning.  I had no idea what venue we were considering.  This made it very hard for Tracy to showcase her talents and what she can offer with no venue in mind.  

God bless her heart, she immediately went to the internet and started looking online at venues right then and there.  We spent our entire visit with her discussing location and coming up with sites that we needed to scout that day.

Here’s where it all started to go bad.  

By no means was this Tracy’s job to scout locations for Adam and me.  I was so caught up in the moment and didn’t realize what was happening.  I’m sitting at a rental shop, not looking at rentals and discussing venues online!!  I’m in Cabo right now and I should be in the car seeing these venues in person!  

My planner should not have organized a rental company visit for the first day not knowing what our venue would be.  I didn’t realize all of this until after our entire first day together and I started to connect all the pieces. 

1962823_657867174274347_1036920170_n { Lazy Gourmet Rentals }

During our meeting with Tracy I decided that we had work to get done and I made the executive decision to scrape the existing daily agenda.  We needed to get out there and start seeing venues asap!!!  

We ended the meeting on a great note and Tracy spent some time reviewing my images and showing us ideas of what she has to offer.  We looked at some beautiful wood banquet tables, gorgeous lace table runners, and stunning mercury candle vases and lanterns.

10007454_657868877607510_152722064_n { Lazy Gourmet Rentals }

I was disappointed that we wasted her time and didn’t get much accomplished.  She told us to get in touch once we scouted our venue and picked a date! 

Make sure you don’t plan a rental company visit until you have selected a venue, or least have 1 or 2 in mind.  The rental company prefers to have this information in order not to waste your time on showing you ideas and formats that wouldn’t work with a particular space.  Popular rental companies work with most or not all of the venues in the local area and understand what is needed and not for each space in particular.  

Spend your first day wisely and look at top locations you have been wanting to see.  Your planner should have alternative options to your list and show you venues that you may not have seen or heard!! There are lots of hidden gems that aren’t well advertised.  

We were now on the clock and time was ticking.  We had 1 1/2 days left in Cabo and needed to find our venue!!!  

Back in the car we head off to my first location I wanted to visit….Hacienda Cocina!!

Stay tuned to see what happens next on my site inspection day.  More to come…

Enjoy Today!xo







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