Cabo Bound { Site Inspection // Ed. 2 }

Before planning our trip to Mexico I was well prepared and organized to get down to business.  I just finished the last touches on my DIY wedding binder and couldn’t have been more excited.{ I’ll be posting my DIY binder shortly }

We were only going to be visiting Cabo for 3 days and I needed to find a venue first thing.  I had pinpointed my top priorities on my agenda and made sure my fiancé was well aware that NO surfing was happening this time around.  { we live next to the ocean, so don’t feel too bad for him. }

wedding-style-ideas-beach-001 { Brides magazine }

In the wedding world you will hear the word “site inspection” as a substitute for scouting out venues.  This is where a wedding coordinator/planner can come in handy.  They will scout locations prior to your visit { based on your tastes and budget } and assist you on your venue search during the day/weekend.

Site inspections are great things to organize if you are having a destination wedding.  Working with someone local that knows the area is a huge time saver.  In our case, speaking another language is key and the only way to communicate with local vendors.  Having a partner translate local lingo for you will save you time and money.  Your coordinator will also offer to be your personal chauffeur for the day!!

{ image by Ana & Jerome }

If you are up in the air still on hiring a wedding coordinator, this is a great opportunity to test drive someone you may have been looking at to hire or frequently communicating with.  You can hire a coordinator by the hour to organize a site inspection trip.  They start around $100 and upwards per day.  

They can also include appointments to local florists, rental companies, and give great recommendations for dinning and entertainment that the locals enjoy!  { so you know it’s good and not a cheesy tourist trap }.  This allows you to make connections face to face and gain credibility with vendors you could potentially be working with.

c89bb58f7b2f1d81bbddb03c6e0e5181 { image by Pam Scott }9c82e1643c2eb1f37487189a1a75cf54 { image by life in balance } 

My planner had a pre-planned agenda she sent to me before we left for our trip.  Granted, I had done a lot of the research on my own.  The band and photographer interviews including the venue locations were all per my request.

Here’s what my Site Inspection day included:

-Tour the Welk’s Sirena Del Mar resort.  Meet the event coordinator to review wedding logistics.
{ number of people, set-up and location, tour the rooms, and discuss budget and rates.)

-Menu tasting at the Sirena Del Mar resort.
{ sample dinner and cocktail menu items of our choice. }

-Meeting and introduction with Lazy Gourmet rental and catering services.  { share your detailed ideas on tables, linens, chairs, etc. }

-Meeting with Cabo Flowers { view sample wedding bouquets and inspiration. }

-Free afternoon to scout other venues.

-Interview with band

-3 interviews with photographers

None of this day went according to plan!

I hate to say it was not as smooth as it looked on paper and we hit some major hangups.  


Going into our site inspection and working with the wedding planner online, we had always discussed planning a wedding at the Sirena Del Mar resort.  Our day was set up around the SDM as our select venue, but unfortunately, once we arrived we had changed our minds { almost immediately }.

Adam and I knew very early on our first day of the trip that the Welk’s wasn’t our dream location.  The resort is breathtakingly beautiful { see post Cabo Bound Ed. 1 }  but it didn’t fit our theme or even the amount of people we wished to invite.  

This resort has hosted a 50 person wedding at the most and we are planning between 80-100.  Our entire site inspection list for the day got changed up and we had to make some quick decisions in order not to waste our short weekend.

Sirena-de-Mar-Cabo-Wedding_1 { Sirena Del Mar }

If you have a great coordinator that you are working with they should have a plan B and even plan C in mind before you arrive.  Everything looks different in person.  Don’t rely on images you find online.  Site inspections are a perfect way to invision your day up close and personal. 

Luckily, I had done my homework and had my wedding binder with me!!  I had 3 other venue locations that were a must on my list to check out!  
You shouldn’t have to rely on yourself when you are paying for a service. { Again, I can’t state this enough!  Hire a planner with strong recommendations!! }

Well, I hate to say this is not even close to the end of our site inspection hoopla.  I’ll save more for another day!

Check out more posts in the next week to see how the rest of our site inspection trip went down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Enjoy Today.xo



3 thoughts on “Cabo Bound { Site Inspection // Ed. 2 }

  1. In addition to meeting the wedding professionals you mentioned, your coordinator should not only be with you for every meeting (to hold wedding professionals accountable) but also have additional meetings set up such as tour of hotel where group room block with be, discussing welcome cocktails/beach bonfire options if you do enter into a group room block, make dinner reservations at possible rehearsal dinner locations, hair and make up trial session, cake tasting with recommended baker, band and DJ meetings. It is typically two full days and very productive. As for locations, request she shows you a range or properties from “affordable” to “more than your budget allows” so you can true sense of what your destination wedding location has to offer. This is a way to quickly eliminate locations that do not fit your vision, but also consider options you had no idea where out there. All in all, the site visit trip should be fun and leave you feeling that all the wedding professionals want nothing but the best for your big day. If you are working with the right person, You will leave feeling relieved and that you are in great hands. Happy planning to all.

    • This is great knowledge and information!!! Thank you for posting and sharing with my readers Beth! I wish I didn’t have a wedding horror story to share, but I hope I can save one bride from my mistakes.

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