Cabo Bound { Ed. 1 }

We needed any excuse for a vacation and taking a trip to Cabo to do a little R&D seemed like reason enough for me!

When I found out my fiancé’s family had ownership of a timeshare in the city we had no more excuses not to go.  I had been so indecisive on a wedding venue and location.  We had already been engaged 8 months and the pressure was rising.  Cabo found its way into our conversations constantly and I couldn’t shake the idea of a destination wedding.  I needed to go check it out and see for myself.

We made plans in less than 3 weeks to pack up our bags and cross the border.  

Let’s get this wedding planning started!!!

welks 4

The family timeshare is located on the Sea of Cortez at The Lawrence Welk Sirena Del Mar.  Lawrence Welk is one of America’s greatest sing and dance television personalities.  Adam’s grandmother purchased this back in the 1950’s because of her love for the Lawrence Welk show.  { When we visit Grandma Alice she will be humming along in her chair to the television playing his old reruns. }





The Sirena Del Mar was listed Tripadvisors Traveler’s Choice in 2012.  You can see why!! The place is absolutely stunning.   This 7-acre resort is perched high on top the cliffs of the Cabo San Lucas peninsula with views of the Sea of Cortez, Land’s End, and El Arco.  E V E R Y villa has a stunning ocean view and a gorgeous balcony to enjoy and take it all in.


welks 2

palm view



Attention to detail is key at the Welks.  A grand welcome to your villa is introduced with rose petals on every surface and fun towel art throughout.  Every room is equipped with a full size kitchen and standard living room.  This is true condo living at its finest.  

Make sure you head to a local grocer on your way from the airport and pick up some of your favorite local beers and fresh fruit to stock your HUGE fridge!  

My favorite part of the room was the hammock on the balcony { I’m a sucker for a good hammock! }

welks 3




The resort only has one restaurant where you can  enjoy dinning el-fresco on the tiered terraces that over look the incredible cliff side views.  { I honestly don’t recommend the food and at the prices they offer. }  There are lots of great restaurants within walking distance that you can visit.  

It’s a great place to get a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy the breeze if anything else.  { It really looked like Jurassic Park to me! }

dinning 2

adam dinning



This resort hosts a beautiful private beach that is secluded and tucked into a cove.  It is a great place to go snorkeling, catch some rays, and even whale watch!  

We happened to be there during high season { early March } and we saw plenty of whales jumping and playing in the ocean, visible from every view of this resort.

pano beach



We didn’t get much time to relax on this trip.  I had lots of business to keep in order and was on a strict schedule during the 3 days.  We tried to enjoy it the best that we could.  

I think we laid at the pool for only 1 hour before we got restless and decided to keep on schedule.  { We didn’t even go in the water or enjoy the swim up bar in the gorgeous infinity pool.  There’s always a next time! }



Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 10.07.38 AM



After our trip we felt our hearts really were telling us we had found our destination.  Cabo is so beautiful and romantic and we started to see our dreams become a reality.  

Cabo San Lucas, Watch out!!!  

The Leu wedding is coming in 2015 and it’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime.

{ stay tuned for more details on my Cabo trip and what I learned about a “site inspection” } 

Enjoy Today!xo





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