A destination wedding

52a637f695fbe$!900x { image by Wendy Laurel photography }

Imagine a weekend away with your honey in some beautiful tropical paradise and all your closet family and dearest friends are there to celebrate with you.  From the exciting plane ride with the guests to walking into the lobby entrance of your weekend escape, you start to get goosebumps knowing this will be a weekend adventure of a lifetime!

This was our main motivation to start planning a destination wedding.  After heavily doing our research in California and breaking down costs, we came to the harsh reality that we couldn’t make it happen.  We are blessed to have so many friends and family that want to be a part of our big day, but ideally we couldn’t host a 200+ wedding.

My fiancé and I sat down and went over a list of pro’s and con’s that we wanted for our big day.  After having 2 amazing engagement parties with 50+ people at each event we really knew what we were looking for.  We both agreed that our event should stay relaxed and fun!  As much as I always saw myself getting married in a formal ballroom my priorities have shifted and matured over the years.  We are both older now and have a closer core group of friends.  We don’t need to invite every sorority sister or boss we’ve had over the years.  We wanted an intimate event that lasted over the course of a weekend.  wedding{ image from KT Merry photography }

Our List:

-3 day weekend adventure weekend with activities { we want more time with our guests than only an evening party to celebrate }

-a small venue to host an intimate party { no other brides walking down the aisle the same day as me! }

-beach, sand, surf, sun, and TACOS!!!!

-accessible location that wasn’t costly for Midwest and West coasters to get to. 

We have always loved Cabo and it was one of our first trips together as a couple.  I am a huge fan of the desert, but I love the ocean.  My guy is obsessed with every Mexican food there is and loves to surf.  Cabo San Lucas was the perfect location for both of our loves.




Having a destination wedding allows you to create a fun theme and incorporate the heritage and culture of the location.  I can’t wait to incorporate some festive Cabo traditions into my wedding day to make it more unique.  donkey{ image by Clary Pfeiffer }

cb43edc9bbba0bac4f6fdb78efdf83db{ image from Joann Arruda photography }

 I am so excited to get all the different groups of people in my life together for one grand event.  This is where Adam and I’s families join and become one.  I want to make it memorable for every one and hopefully have people walk away saying “That was the most Badass wedding I have ever been to!!!!”  

Get ready for our Cabo Adventure 2015!!!

cabo love

Stay tuned for our site inspection trip to Cabo.

Enjoy Today. xo



2 thoughts on “A destination wedding

  1. I’m hooked…this wedding will be mega-badass from what the inticing details you have enlightened me with…you know I your favorite wedding follower and #1 Aunt.

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