Pretty Pretty Bridesmaid boxes

12181592485_830d91260d_o-2Boyfriends come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

My girlfriends are forever special to me because they are my family!  They’ve been there through every little detail in my life whether big or small.  They are the first ones you call during a breakup and the first ones to cheer you on when you eventually makeup.  They’ve seen you transform through the decades of bad moussed hair and that hideous blue eyeshadow phase that lasted way too long { yes, I was a victim and possibly kept blue eyeshadow in business through the 90’s! }.  Your girlfriends are the ones that have seen you laugh your loudest and cry your hardest, they’ve watched you make the biggest mistakes and take the biggest risks.  Your best girlfriends hold all your juicy little secrets but never hold them over your head.  I am truly a lucky girl to be surrounded by beautiful and inspirational women in my life.     boxes in a row

My girlfriends live all over the map so getting us together for an occasion is not an easy task.  My core group comes from many different stages of my life between Las Vegas, San Fran and all the way to Denver, CO.  I have my very best friend from High School, two of my London roommates from Study abroad, my fashionista friend from Vegas, my OC roommie { my hubby , her wifey }, and of course my Maid of Honor from Denver { true sisters at heart.  Ring Ching, Pi Phi! }  

The infamous email chain started up to organize a fun girls weekend event!  No distance was too far for these ladies and they all made the trip to OC to celebrate.   { Well almost all of them…my best friend Heather just had her newborn baby girl  2 weeks prior, so she was off the hook. }

Little did they know that I would be asking them to stand by my side on my biggest day.  Once the plans were in motion I really had to get my creative juices movin’.  I wanted to “pop the question” to my ladies in the most heartfelt, but fun and creative way { I didn’t want things to get too sappy! }  Making them each their own special keepsake box was the best way to show my love and ask my BIG question.

I’m not gonna lie when I say these took some time!  Although every hour was so worth it.  I had such a blast creating them and putting personal touches on each box.  I had found some inspiring images on Pinterest but I didn’t want to copy anyones exact idea.  I decided to collaborate a bunch of things I like most and, Voila!! They turned out pretty cool!



Not knowing my wedding theme quite yet I kept my palette neutral and light.  I’ve been leaning toward soft pastels as my color story and my boxes really showed off my ideal wedding aesthetic.  I love the idea of a secret garden where you explore to find hidden treasures tucked beneath the earth.  Adding nature to my boxes were a must.  

-Moss from Michael’s Craft store
-Roses and flowers from Trader Joe’s

Finding the boxes were the hardest part.  I went to one Micheal’s location and found 1 lonely box in their wood section.  This is exactly what I was looking for { and it was only $6.99!! }.  My only problem was I needed 5 more.  I visited 5 different Michael’s locations within a week to track down a matching set.

-Bakers twine from Michael’s craft store

I’m a sucker for sunsets { obviously! }.  I wanted to bring the soft pink, peaches, and oranges a sunset creates into my theme.  I wanted to keep them simple and clean.

 I decided to paint only the lid of a box a very faint white.  The paint brought out the grain in the wood and created a great texture.  

 I used a large round vase to trace my circle on the wood.  {use a pencil to trace, the paint will eventually cover it }.  I used 5 different acrylic paints to create my sunset ombre effect.  Use a foam paint brush to get a softer blend.  If you mess up, white paint is your eraser.  Layering white over the paint will help soften the colors and blend them together.  

For my graphic design I looked to Pinterest.  I found this unique branding symbol that I wanted to incorporate.  First print the symbol out on white paper in the size you like.  Place the symbol in your circle you’ve painted and use a mechanical pencil {with no lead } to trace the design onto the wood.  This will leave a faint impression on your box.  Use a very thin black drawing marker to trace your design.  

To finish, clean up the edges of the circle with a large Sharpie gold marker.   

I chose to write their initials on each box to make it more personal.



12181315245_e0005e1853_o“I’ve got my G U Y now I need my G I R L S

I personalized hand written letters to each girl individually.  Instead of writing a long note and I chose list our favorite memories inside.  Everyone got a kick of these and it was fun to reminisce over our pasts.


“Enjoy” drink tags from Michael’s craft store
Drinking straws from Hobby Lobby
-Macarons from Lette in Newport Beach Fashion Island
Sofia Coppola champagne cans from BevMo

These tags are super easy to make!  I found them in the new “trendy” craft island at Michael’s.  These are pre-cut natural wood tags that come in a box of 10.  I bought 4-5 different colors of peach and pink acrylic craft paint.  Use a foam brush to paint on the tag and blend two or even three colors together.  You will get this effect.  

These adorable L O V E stickers are also from the same aisle I found the tags.  They were so sparkly and girly, I couldn’t resist.

Stickers and tags from Michael’s



I went to fashion design school in college and always loved to draw fashion models.  Instead of purchasing a pre-made card I wanted to make my own that represented each one of my girls unique style.  I chose to draw girls in fun cocktail dresses giving my bridesmaids some inspiration for what to wear on the wedding day.drawings

funThe girls were so ecstatic to receive their boxes!!  It was too much fun looking at old photos and remembering old times together.  I definitely surprised them.  

-Polaroids from Persnickity Prints { my favorite printing company }
Gold glitter tape from Michael’s craft store

table decor

As much as I wanted to host a party at my house it was just too much work.  I decided to have only a champagne toast during my grand box unveil at home.  I planned a day of wedding dress shopping in Orange County at one of my favorite boutiques, The White Dress in Corona Del Mar.  I packed all the mini champagne bottles so we could continue the celebration throughout the day.  We headed to Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach to end the day and enjoy more cocktails and delicious food!  




“I couldn’t say “I D O ” without Y O U!!

I ordered these adorable stickers a couple of weeks prior from Etsy.  I was able to custom design my own text, color and print.  They turned out perfect!  { Only advice!  Once you take your Champs out of the fridge the condensation will start to warp your stickers. Boo!  They were cute while they lasted.  No one wants warm Champy! }

BentleyBentley was ready for the girls to arrive!


 It was such a fun day and great way to kick off my wedding planning!  

Thanks to all my gorgeous girls for being a part of our Cabo Adventure!!

Enjoy Today. xo




2 thoughts on “Pretty Pretty Bridesmaid boxes

  1. This was so amazing! I knew a lot of work went into these boxes but wow! You are so creative and cute and these boxes were just beautiful! I loved the hand drawings and cards the best!

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