Will you be my B r i d e s m a i d ?? { POPing the question }

Playing dress-up and tea party with your besties is what all of us girls loved to do in our childhood.  Now, the tradition has matured and grown up a bit on the wedding DIY scene. Homemade bridesmaid proposal parties are all the rage and a must on your party planning to do list.{ I’m sure you’ve seen extravagant parties on Pinterest, and think, “Who has time for this?” } .  I would like to think that I do!!…but I definitely don’t have the budget to cater or decorate this extravagant.

I loved some of these inspiring images from my Pinterest Page: It’s My Party!.  There are lots of ideas that you can do yourself.  I looked to them to make my own fun and super chic girl party of my own.  

{Stay tuned for my Bridesmaid “pop the question” party. }

3a5acec46cc15dd8700af4f8fc2bfe19{ click on each photo to direct you to the source }Collage0d01dc0b49954d1e5ebddacf0574ef7a

How gorgeous is this all white fantasy unicorn party!!!!  It’s a great idea to incorporate a theme.  Even tell your girls to wear a certain attire to set the mood.  For dress-up fun have a rolling rack with fun accessories (furs, boas, masks, floral head wreaths, etc.).  These would make for some really cute photo ops! 

pink4a35ddcc25382328626dfba37fcfd3ffparty6d1eb57408f7815a824f827f30f4d430Create your own table runners with craft paper and bold masking tape!!!  This really creates a statement and is super cheap and chic!treats

I think it’s fun to have a lot of pretty desserts and yummy treats.  Who needs actual food, right?!!!  All girls love an excuse to have a cheat day. Create your own fancy desserts at home and add cute decor to dress them up.  { adding makeup party favors to give away is a cute idea. }5c3fa35935d3977e301d30f26ad9b8fcChampagne and bubbly station is an absolute must!  I love the way they used a simple bookshelf to set up a pop-up champagne station.  Go to your local party store and buy tinsel for a glitzy backdrop then get some scrapbook paper to make a paper heart!  So easy and a fun project.

Happy Saturday Friends!

Have fun planning your party.



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