Engage With Style

I promised myself when I got engaged that I wouldn’t take the cheesy typical photos that you see time and time again.  You know the ones…the classic prom pose staged in a park next to a tree, or the too common beach photo with matching outfits playing kissy face.  { I apologize if you are a victim of these photos and mean absolutely no judgement or harm toward your gorgeous memories } 

I’m hoping for more of a “WOW” moment like Kim and Kayne gracing the cover of Vogue.  { don’t be a hater, you know you hate to love them }   I want to imagine myself as a celebrity or even an editorial model for the day.  With a drop dead wardrobe and my man looking as dapper as ever. You only get to be narcissistic for a limited amount of time during this whole wedding process.  Live it up!

 My man was hoping for more of a Posh and Becks photoshoot posing in our skimpy’s.  But I have to draw the line somewhere.

These are some of my favorite inspirational fashion images I’m eager to recreate.

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fashion 5b3e625a728b20314f303f1f558a26f33

All images from Pinterest { all you need is love } 


3 thoughts on “Engage With Style

    • The world just isn’t the same without weekly drama from Chuck and Blair. I definitely have Gossip Girl withdrawal. Good luck with your man @onewildwish! He’ll thank you after! Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy. Xoxo-GG 🙂

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