Fashion { f r i d a y }

The best part about wedding planning is the outfits!  It’s a perfect excuse to go buy that amazing Dolce & Gabbana tote bag you’ve been wanting or add a new pair of gorgeous shoes to your already overflowing collection.

I’ll take any excuse to go shopping!!

You definitely want to look the part when you go on your wedding venue site inspections.  This is the first impression you give off to the venue and possibly the wedding coordinator you may work with.  Take this opportunity to show off your sense of style and personality through your attire.  

 My venue scouting took place in Cabo San Lucas.  I really spiced up my wardrobe for the hot weather and margaritas.  Accessorize with a large tote bag or carry-all to bring your wedding binder, camera, and iPad (to show off all your Pins).  It’s also good to bring a pair of flats or flip flips to change into.  

My scouting included walks on the beach to check out the scenery!  


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