Bloglovin’ Addict

 Hello my name is Jenny, and I’m addicted to


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We all have addictions or weaknesses to things we don’t always like to admit.  Some of my biggest vices include frozen yogurt with rainbow jimmies, the Bravo and E! channels , and posting sunset pics with my poodle.  I am clearing the air today and announcing my biggest addition of all time.


It is the first thing I wake up to every morning and the last thing that tucks me in at night.  Hey…we all have our thing!!  My fiance has his surf videos and I have my blogs.

If you are asking yourself right now, “What is Bloglovin’?”, then you have been missing out my friends.  This handy little app is a great way to organize all your favorite blogs into one location.  I used to have all my blogs saved in my bookmarks bar and I’d go through them one by one on the daily.  It took up so much time and I would forget which blogs I had already visited.  Bloglovin’ allows all my 200+ blogs to be categorized and it streams them in one easy newsfeed for me to see daily.  It’s amazing!

I am now an established blog on this app so go here to follow!!

Add me to your newsfeed of already amazing blogs you love everyday.


Click the   5699786_orig button displayed on my pages sidebar ⇒

Don’t have an account?

You can click here to get the new iPhone app and create your own super amazing Bloglovin’ account.



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