Pronovias { n y c }

Princess Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, and Belle were my favorite Disney Princesses.  They all had the perfect head of hair that never moved and the most gorgeous finale ball gown in every film.  Being a bride is as close as you get to becoming your Disney princess dream.

 photo 2 copy

New York City is the mecca when shopping for wedding dresses with huge and amazing flagship stores.  One of my favorite designer’s is Pronovias Barcelona and I had been dying to try on some of their 2014 runway collections. The NYC flagship store is nothing short of a fantasy.  With 3 amazing stories and a winding staircase that carries you through each floor of dream dress after dream dress.  I had died and went to wedding dress HEAVEN!

photo 1 copy       Pronovias-18

These gorgeous girls were my top picks to try once I arrived.

Elie by Elie Saab for Pronovias

Atelier Pronovias  

7babd37c547600bde33cf0059b66d6e1 pronovias-wedding-dresses-spring-2014-027


I really felt that the lace high low dress was going to be my dream dress, but it’s funny how your mind changes once you try things on.  This was my favorite dress for months and after staring at myself in the mirror I knew it wasn’t my dress.  Keep an open mind during dress shopping and sometimes the silhouette, fabric, or style you never imagined turns out to be your favorite.

Check out the Pronovias full 2014 bridal collection here



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