Location, location, location

Finding the Venue!!!!  This is by far, personally, the hardest decision you have to make when planning your wedding.

I grew up in Kansas City but moved out West 10 years ago. I’ve spent my time in Las Vegas and LA but now I’ve rooted myself in Newport Beach.  My options were limitless in terms of location.

You might have the perfect spot in mind since you’ve been dreaming of this day as a little girl.  Or… you are like me and constantly daydream of your day but never could seem to see the location in your mind.  Every where you have been with your man becomes a possibility, even before the proposal.  A recent weekend vacation to a beautiful winery, or a romantic getaway at a resort close to home, or even a favorite museum or park you frequently visit.

Once that ring encompasses your finger, believe me!  It all changes.  Now it’s a reality and walking down the aisle and dancing to your favorite Beyonce song with 100 of your closet friends and family just doesn’t feel right at the places you always imagined.

What does your fantasy venue look like?  Here are some of my inspirations.

Check out more on my Pinterest page: Venues

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TIP:  Pinterest will be your best friend during your wedding process.  When I found locations that I liked and wanted to remember I pinned them to a board I created called “Venues”.  When I wanted to go back to research a specific site location I had the location links saved in one confined space and a picture to remember. 





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